Eng. Mohmed Naif Mohamed

Chief Executive Officer

Integrated palaces adopts a philosophy on which it has based its commitments towards its clients, employees and the community! We believe in the importance of a high quality service, which benefits both us and our clients We have worked hard and exerted efforts to find the sort of person, who is able to specialize in their respective field and ensure that our company is able to achieve the desired results on time and as efficiently as possible.

Our desire is to become one the biggest foundations which work in the field of contracting and apply the highest levels of perfection, speed, accuracy and uniqueness in our work by committing to the highest standards of quality, safety, and security in all our endeavors. Our Goals: Since our establishment, we have worked to make sure that we have the right qualified people to do the job.

We ensure that our documentation is correct and complies with regulations. That as a company we work in a harmonious environment. We are striving to be unique, and at the forefront of all businesses in our field. We have found that there is a distinct lack of qualified and experienced people in the industry, and we have ensured that our employees are able to perform their tasks and functions to the highest and most efficient standards possible.

We offer a secure and trustworthy construction environment to set the clients mind at ease. To be honest on all our dealings is the key to our future success! With our clients input and support, and by applying our motto of efficient high standards, and by being stimulated by the work which we obtain, and achieving our goals, we will be the organization of choice in the UAE.